Friday, March 21, 2008

How boring am I??

So, so far, I've been mostly political and pedantic on this blog. BLARG! Are all of you (all three?) so sick of me? I am. Srsly. I now solemnly vow to About whatever.

Today was a good day. Dyeing Easter eggs with the kids and making cupcakes. They were in the shape of flowers, even. It was all about spring at our house! My kids were so into it, and that made it so much fun! They're diggin' on the Easter Bunny idea this year, and I'm so excited to play it up for them.

My boys are such a treat, really. They were so cute about the eggs, wanting to check them every 30 seconds. "Are they done yet? Are they colored? Now check the green one, Mommy. Is it done?" So cute! And they wanted to help me turn on the mixer to make the cupcakes. "Mmm! It smells like cake!" :rofl:

So, the back piece of Martha's almost done! It's been slow going--the size 1.5 needles are killing me, but it's gorgeous. I'll take pictures in the morning and add them here. Well, maybe in the afternoon. I have a brunch in the morning. YAY BRUNCH!

ETA: Guess what I just discovered? This font is ginormous in Google Reader! Sorry, Reader readers. I tried going down a size, and it's impossible to read here at "normal" size. I dunno what to tell ya.


Stine said...

Ha, I had pondered telling you that the font was huge, but I often click through on blog posts, just in case the full feed isn't on. (Also, sometimes links to pictures/video break the RSS feeds.)

Also, I don't get bored by your political/whatever ranting!

Anna said...

Rant about whatever you want. I'll read it anyways! :)

Nice to hear your boys were so excited about the eggs and cupcakes!

essjay said...

I'm with Anna, write whatever you want, whenever you want, I'm gonna read it!

I'm so glad you & the boys had a good Friday getting ready for Easter - they are beyond adorable!

Genuine-Lye said...

Hey, Jen, I'm here to deliver the dreaded news--YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! Luckily, this is an easy one. BTW, you need to enable url/name comments on your blog, this is linking to my old one! Find out the details of the tag at my new blog,

Jen said...

GAH! You want me to *think?!*

:teehee: Okaaaaaay. I'll work on it! It's a cool tag!

Friender said...

I'm with you--Genuine tagged me, too! I can't THINK. I have two kids! :)