Monday, April 7, 2008

Swapping's in the Air!

My favorite group on Ravelry, CESOB, had a little Get-to-Know-You yarn swap, and I got my package from my swapper today! April, aka mamanak, sent all kinds of awesome goodies my way. Hang on for pictures!

First, a gorgeous skein of handpainted Snarky Design sock yarn in Island Ice Age. I'm excited to pick out a pattern for my very first pair of socks!

Next, some really cute sock and yarn-ball stitch markers. So darling! (And with purpel beads!)

And among other goodies, (some not pictured) loads of fruit-flavored Tootsie Rolls (my favorite!), two fantastic-smelling handmade soaps from Blue House Soaps, some fantastic local-to-Illinois potato chips, and a gift certificate to Cheesecake Factory! Woot!


essjay said...

What a great swap package! That yarn is SO stunning! Horray for such fun.

Friender said...

The swap was fantastic, wasn't it? I love the sock yarn MamaNak sent to you.